Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and the WINNER is...

Congrats, Bonnie!! I can picture your cards right now — bright and happy — and so Bonnie. OK, Bonnie is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I know, and I'm not just saying that! It's is so ironic that she won because of what happened last night...

We have a Bible Study every Monday night at my house, and it really is such a special group and a great time to worship and pray and share. There are usually 6-8 of us and we have girls from Birmingham, Chattanooga, Auburn, Columbia SC, Orlando and of course Mobile. But for Mobile, that's pretty"cultural" :)These girls and this book (Crazy Love by Francis Chen) have been a huge blessing in my life!

So, last night we were telling Bonnie how she's the happiest person we know!! She really does have such a sweet, upbeat spirit all the time...And not in a fake way, but in this subtle, genuine way.  Of course, she doesn't get that, but then again, that's what makes her awesome. Last night Bonnie offered to do a favor for me and drop some invitations off on the way home. Before I dosed off to sleep last night, I remember thinking I forgot to text her and thank her again for doing that for me. 

Sorry for rambling, but I had to share that story and glad I can officially thank her! And I promise I didn't cheat!!

Stay tuned for the next GIVEAWAY! I'm gonna do another one within the next few months and will keep you posted. Thanks to all of you for clicking "follow" and for your kind comments!! They remind me someone is actually reading this little blog!

Bonnie, just select a font, color(s) and motif from the designs above, and email me whatever your little heart desires!


  1. Your story made me happy for Bonnie,and a little less sad for me!

  2. Thank you ever so much for the sweet, sweet words and for my PRIZE!! I'm so excited! I'm thankful that the Good Lord has blessed me with your friendship! Thank you again! Love You! Now I need to get busy picking ou my notecards! :)


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