Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodwill Easter Seals playground

We selected the Goodwill Easter Seals playground at Springhill Presbyterian Church for our Provisional Class project. I had the privilege of working on this playground with the Junior League of Mobile. It was a very special, meaningful project, and now children with disabilities can play on this beautiful, colorful playground.
The Goodwill Easter Seals preschool playground is used by children with special needs. The children receive year-round programming and education in an inclusive preschool setting.

Picnic tables and the playhouse received a fresh coat of paint. New swings, including high back swings, were added, as were a balance beam and ride-on toys.  The provisional class also purchased and painted wooden train, consisting of an engine, two cars and a caboose for the children to enjoy.
Did someone say spray paint??
And special thanks to Lucy Pryor Brady, who put so much time and effort into making this project happen. She received Provisional of the Year, which was very deserving!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Bliss!

What a fairytale wedding! Prince William told Kate Middleton, "you look stunning, babe" after he saw her and he was quite right. The wedding was beautiful and romantic, and every girl's dream. Cheers!

{image found via Pinterest


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sally King Benedict

I mentioned Sally King Benedict in my happy times post Monday. I stumbled upon her painting in this month's Atlanta Homes magazine, and her use of COLOR immediately caught my eye. LOVE her work and her website!

She is just as beautiful as her paintings!
I can't decide which one I like best! Do you have a favorite?
...and you must check out her blog. She is so cute and SO talented!!
Happy Thursday. Is it Friday yet??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

happy times

Nothing is better than going home. We were in Chattanooga for a long Easter weekend, and we had such a wonderful, WONDERFUL time...

Mom and I went to the Stray Dog Designs Flea Party. I found a few treasures I couldn't pass up, and since many of the items were slightly damaged with a scratch or dent, the discounts were huge! Not sure what I'm gonna do with my mirror, two standing lamps and pair of sconces, but again, the deals were too good to pass up. I love Stray Dogs and have featured them before in this post. Jane and Billy Pritchard are from Chattanooga, and their creative, handmade pieces are one-of-a-kind!

And how cute is their daughter Franny? I love her spunky, colorful outfit! I asked Franny what her favorite thing was in the store, and she said this box, so of course, I had to take a picture...
Immediately when I saw this lamp, I knew it was SOLD. I love the striped shade!
I love this picture of mom and me!:) Stray Dog Design junkies!
Don't these bright colors make you happy? Check out Stray Dog Designs facebook page for more pictures and information...
Here's a picture of me with Lisa (the fabulous Stray Dogs display designer) and Jeanie (my favorite hair stylist in the world)! I first went to Jeanie in junior school. Jeanie and her husband Jeff opened and started THE hair salon in Chattanooga, Lu Lu's. Jeanie did my hair for our wedding and every special event growing up...I just love her and have thought about driving 6 hours just for her to do my hair! She's that good.
and here we are with the famous Billy Pritchard

loading up the car with treasures we couldn't pass up...
And I had to share some pics of mom's Stray Dog pieces scattered throughout her home. I adore this light fixture!

These pics taken on my iphone don't even begin to do it justice...
hanging out with the hubs...
Dinner with the whole fam. This picture makes me happy!
Yes, we still get easter baskets (or fabulous blue beach bags) with fun goodies in them. Bruner was pumped about his Lowes gift certificate, and I love my blue lamp!
 Deana got some stationery designed by yours truly!:)
...and finally on our long drive back to Mobile, I was reading Atlanta Homes. Yes, I'm a dork who reads magazines with a pen, circling things I love and new artists I want to look-up. BTW, I discovered a new artist, Sally Benedict, who I will feature another time, but her colors inspire me. But, I saw Stray Dogs lamp featured on this page, and I'm so pumped I got my lamps for 80% off:) Yeah, they may have a little scratch or dent (hint the major discount), but that gives it a little character, right?

I think so. Now back to the real world :)
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