Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

and another deep thought...

Is it pathetic that I've been looking forward to tonight all week long? Well, it's no secret that we love Idol! I'm still not sure who I'm pulling for, but really love Haley's voice. What about you? Please share...

Dada dada dada dada dommmm...


  1. Love this Andy Warhol quote - he is amazing and inspires me so much with photography (haha as much as can be inspired). Have you ever seen the movie "Factory Girl"?

  2. No. Is is good? Always up for a movie night so we'll have to look into that one...

  3. well, since you asked :) I LOVE Haley's voice & the uniqueness too. I really have not been a big James fan from the beginning.... I think that Scotty will have a great career no matter if he wins or not, and i want Lauren to win so that her confidence is boosted bc she is really good. :)

  4. Yes. Love some Idol talk, so thanks Erin. I agree with everything you said. I think James is so talented but not a huge fan either. Scotty is one my favorites (although he's such goobe!)

  5. i can ditto my sisters comments and there really is nothing left to add! 'cept im glad jacob is gone...ugh!

  6. It's Lauren, all the way. Hadley, remember your roots, girl! She's from your hometown :)


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