Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh, wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper

I'm in love with wallpaper these days. One of my friends hosted a party a few weeks ago and I couldn't get over her adorable wet bar. Thanks so much Celeste for sending me these pics! I'm dying to wallpaper a small room in my house (maybe a bathroom or the foyer)—if I could ever get around to it. I love how she did the ceiling too. These pics don't do it justice but hopefully you get the idea.


And here's a bathroom my mom did for a client in Virginia recently. I just LOVE this.
Wallpaper is Cowtan and Tout, Sevigney

Here are some other spaces that inspire me. There is definitely a bathroom theme going on...

I also these love rooms that experimented with wallpaper outside the BR!


{all pics via celeste wildberger thomas, susan lesourd interiors and pinterest}

That's it for now. I'm nursing a cold from a long weekend in the Monteagle mountains but it was totally worth it. Such a beautiful, sentimental and FUN wedding celebrating one of my favorite couples in the world. See my post about Mar (now MAH!) here. Truly an "epic weekend" in the words of Abbey Mitchell. Congrats Mary Allyn and Stephen! I love y'all!!




  1. We are on the same page, no pun intended! I love wallpaper too!!

  2. I love wallpaper! And Hadley Binion :)

  3. Love you too Sarah! SOOO unbelievably proud of you for learning how to comment AND starting a blog all in one day!!:)


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