Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things I'm Loving now...

OK, sweet friend Natalie Roe, you inspired me and I'm copying you and creating my own "things I love right now" list. Don't we all have a wish list, and somehow sharing these "wants" with you makes my shopping urge somewhat satisfied—kinda like buying an item and then having buyers remorse (a big problem of mine..and my mothers!) only to return the item a few days later.

1) But this "wishlist item" would go UN-returned I promise! I just love this jcrew coat. I've been drooling over it for a while and am in desperate need of a winter coat! I haven't bought a new coat since COLLEGE. I repeat. I haven't bought a new coat since COLLEGE. So... mom or Bruner, feel free to surprise me with this for Christmas or sooner if your little heart desires!

2) Oh, and I love this fleece too! Can you tell I'm in need of outerwear?? I would take any color, size or shape.

3) I would also wear this vest. Just sayin'
4) I did recently splurge on some good boots so I can't complain too much. I saved up for these for a while (note: 1-2 years) and I adore them. I don't regret this purchase for a second and will wear these boots until they literally FALL off my feet!
5) I am loving these beautiful, colorful paintings by Sarah Otts! She's such a dear friend of mine and to say she's talented is an understatement. I'm currently redesigning her new blog so stay tuned...
6) Random I know, but I'm obsessed with Craisins. My husband and I put them in everything and they make our go-to weeknight salad so much better. I grab handfuls of these throughout the day—they really are addictive.
7) HALLOWEEN TIME and cute kiddos dressed up!
8) And speaking of flowers, those who know me well know I love Orchids and any plant that lives longer than a few months! 

9) However, I'm a sucker for mums or anything that dies quickly too.

10) I'm loving our new pendant light in the den. We recently rearranged our den because it's where we spend all of our time these days. It's such a cozy room and perfect for all of Calder's toys!

11) ...which leads to another WANT: a square rug to go under the breakfast table here. I'm thinking a bold stripe like this but not sure yet.

But sweet Calder loves the space as is for now so we'll see!

That's it for now and this post is to-be-continued. Thanks for inspiring me Natalie and I feel better already!


  1. Thanks for the shout out hads! Our wish lists look very similar :)

  2. I got the same boots for my birthday last month - best boot ever... I can't take them off :)

  3. your orchids kill me!!! mine NEVER look like that!

  4. Well Sarah it's true and not just cause you're my bestie!
    Yes Ashley, they are worth every penny, and I never thought I'd say that :)
    And Bonnie, I swear it's the location of that orchid in the dining room. Nowhere else in the house do they ever end up looking like that after 4+ months!

  5. I'm in agreement with Bonnie on the orchids...you are orchid whisperer! And I want/love all the things you're wanting too :) you have one precious little flower. xoxoxoxo


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