Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrating Mary Allyn

I hate to say it, but I wouldn't just hop on a plane for anyone these days. After the kitchen remodel, we're definitely on a budget and leaving Calder is always hard and full of tears. But for Mary Allyn, the question of whether or not to go on her bachelorette party to Denver was never a question.

The second I got the email from Abbey (MAR's best friend from Greenville) about the weekend, I was game. Most of us live all over the country any way, so traveling was inevitable.

Mary Allyn's been an amazing friend to me and the moment we met freshman year at Ole Miss, we instantly hit it off. She is one of a kind. Anyone who knows her (or knows of her), knows this to be true. I always tell people, she is the girl version of Eustace Winn, aka Poostie. And if you know Poostie Pie, need I say more?

I could write a book about Mary Allyn (someone should by the way...not a bad idea). Her southern draaaaaaaawlll is like nothing I've ever heard before (straight from the Mississippi Delta), and she loves to karaoke and sing as loud as she can (some might say she's tone deaf...sorry MAR:)

Because of her karoke/music obsession, we made her sing and pose with every street musician we passed...

She's obsessed with all-things patriotic and her favorite song is "God Bless the USA." She reads "National Geographic" and to this day, her favorite Christmas gift is a new Atlas. She is hilarious and genuine and as real as they come. She knows everyone (and I mean everyone), and will make the most uncomfortable person at any party feel instantly at home.

We lived in Jackson Hole together and have lived in many other shacks together throughout the years. Love you MAR. Such an amazing weekend and so fun to celebrate you and Stephen!!

This was the funniest (and Funnest) thing I've ever done, and probably the highlight of the entire trip. We drove the "pedal hopper" all over downtown Denver for hours—stopping at several bars along the way. We had the music up as loud as it would go, and don't think Mary Allyn wasn't belting "God Bless the USA" on the way back. The driver said he had never seen such a thing. I hate to say it but I do believe him.

 Amazing dinner and view at Linger.

I loved Bruner's texts throughout the weekend. This one was my favorite. Looks like they missed me a lot, huh?

 On our way up the mountain to Red Rocks...

What a view. I could go on and ON about how amazing Red Rocks was. Definitely something to check off my bucket list. And I'm not one to go on about how good accoustics are but listen to this video and judge for yourself. Bonnie Raitt was great and her songs always bring back so many memories...

And here are the save the dates I designed for Mar and Stephen. Again, I made an exception here since I'm not designing invites or stationery these days. :) Their wedding is in Monteagle at the Assembly, and I can't wait to be in the mountains when the leaves change colors.

And no matter how much fun we had, I missed my Calder-bear so much!
Messy diapers, spit-up and all—that's all I wanted to come home to. I could just gobble her up!

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  1. Hadley, I loved reading this! From the brief times I've spent with MAR, I can say you described her well...what a great friendship y'all have! And, as always, LOVE the Calder updates!


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