Friday, October 5, 2012

Calder at 9 months

Today is Calder's 9 month birthday! The picture collage above sums Calder up pretty well. She loves to clap, clap clap and blow bubbles! I'm trying to do her own post every month close to her birthday. It's fun for us to look back and see her change and grow, so here are a few snapshots and highlights from this month...

Trip to the park
 blowing bubbles with mack-daddy
being cool with her new shades on
meeting new friend, Jim Stimpson
 couch time!

Her favorite toy: dolly Molly
Favorite part of the day: when DADDY comes HOME!
 pajama party with Lelia!
 watching football with Lillibet
play date with the boys, B Wood and Jacob Roe

 Celebrating JuJu and momma's bday.
sneak peak of my little flower for Halloween!
 calling my friends
 porch time!
Funniest thing: Bea's kisses!
she LOVED SuSu and Grandaddy's visit to Mobile!
3 teeth (2 bottom/1 top) and LOTS of crazy hair

Oh, and she's crawling. EVERYWHERE! Life is getting much busier!

We looove you Calder-Lou! Happy 9 months to the sweetest girl in the world!!!


  1. Look at all of those friends! Calder Bear is already SO popular!! Can't wait to come play in November. Love you Had.

  2. Haha...our little social butterfly can't wait to see you again!!

  3. Whew! We just barely made the 9 month celebration! LOVED every minute with you three ( 4 w/ Bea!) Calder is a JOY to us all!

  4. Mwah! Love her. We just named Emory's new doll Molly, too! Lets play again soon :)

  5. I just melted... especially the picture of Bruner kissing her. She is so precious.

  6. Thanks y'all! Nat, we definitely need to play again...I'm still laughing about that hilarious video of Jacob! Kelly, we can't wait to meet precious Gray!!

  7. Could she be any cuter...absolutely adorable!!

  8. Thank you so much! We're just a little obsessed!

  9. happy 9 months calder!!! love the baby play dates!


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