Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen Design - Round 1

Happy Wednesday everyone. To incorporate my "Wednesday Words of Wisdom" posts, I'm featuring  this signed print my mom gave me a few years ago. She had interior designer Suzanne Kasler sign a page from her book Inspired Interiors, and she wrote, "Hadley, Design makes a difference." click here to read more.

I've always loved this and have it hanging next to my desk, along with my favorite John Derian plate and a small abstract painting from the very talented Sarah Otts.

SO...that being said, on to my kitchen! All-things kitchen related have consumed my mind lately. We're in the process of slightly remodeling our kitchen. I've been dreaming about doing this for years, and our changes are minimal but will make a huge impact. Here's what we want to do:

1) Paint cabinets (probably Benjamin Moore Linen White since it's what I used for my desk cabinets in the kitchen, and I love it)
2) New Countertops
3) New sink/fixtures
4) Subway tile backsplash
5) Add a small island/extension with two stools so that people can sit in the kitchen (and so I can sit with Calder and feed her in her high chair)

Here are some kitchens I keep coming back to. I carry pics of these in my little binder and many of these kitchens I've loved for a  l o n g  time.


You'll notice a theme here. I love white kitchens and I love carrara marble. It's what I've always been drawn to and have envisioned in our kitchen someday.  However, I'm still open to suggestions because I am a little worried about the maintenance of marble. BUT, I've also heard (and read) many people say the maintenance is not as bad you'd think and they'd buy carrara marble again. 

I've also researched great marble alternatives (such as Cambria quartz counters in torquay). See this post and picture below for more details. But, I have some slabs in my kitchen, and the marble still takes the cake. we shall see...

Any suggestions and comments are welcomed. I'll definitely post pics as we begin and hope to make some progress soon!


  1. So exciting!!! Go for the marble:)

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