Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Carrara Marble

Today is all about Carrara marble. I am in search for the perfect slab—which is easier said than done. I decided I want to use white carrara marble in our kitchen, and since we're currently living in a construction zone, I need to make a decision soon. We traveled to Triton, Alabama last Saturday to see the slabs at the Triton Stone Group. I've heard you know when you find the one, but I'm still not sure if I know. One of the slabs was a little too gray for me, and the other had a large darker gray area.
possibly too gray?
I know these are natural stones, but I'm still not crazy about the contrast on the left.
When we got there the cute sales rep/designer said, "Hi, I'm Hadley." I said, "I'm Hadley!" We had so much in common it was beginning to get weird. She was so helpful and said we possibly could avoid the dark gray area and make a large "run" on the island from the section I like. The fabricator is coming out today to do an official template of the kitchen, so we shall see...
Carrara marble has rich history.  It has been used in construction and sculptures for centuries.  The Pantheon and Trajan's Column in Rome are constructed out of it.  Michelangelo's David, was carved from Carrara marble. For Michelangelo, Carrara marble was valued above all other stone. 

Above is a picture of the Carrara quarry in Italy.

And since marble is softer than granite, it will scratch and stain easier.  I know I want my marble honed and it is essential to SEAL your marble.

Thankfully while we were there I picked out my white subway tile and grout. One more thing checked off the list. I also picked out our sink and faucet, so now I need to figure out this marble slab. Wish me luck! 
Oh, and in case you want to learn more about marble, I found this blog post and this blog post very helpful.



  1. cant wait to see! i was going to say...if you didnt find your slab there, stone interiors in loxley is who i always work with! and they have tons of alabama white marble which IMO is GORGEOUS. let me know if you want/need to go out there

  2. Can't wait to see this kitchen!

  3. Natalie, I went out to Stone Interiors today and picked out my slab! I am in love with it and they had a MUCH better selection. Thanks so much! Will post pics soon...

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