Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Company Brochures & Tutus!

Whew. I've been quite the worker-bee lately. I'm so excited to share this recent design project with you. Countless (and I mean COUNTLESS) hours went into this project, and I can't tell you how proud I am of the final result. We've been working on this since February and we just presented everything to the agents last week.

A little background here...the client is Roberts Brothers, which is the largest Real Estate company in South Alabama. When I first started doing work for them, we sat down and went over all of their needs. They needed everything: a company brochure, a listing presentation, a buyer presentation, a recruiting piece, agent's personalized presentations, and the list goes on. So instead of creating tons of random pieces that basically said the same thing, we decided to do ONE piece, and to do it WELL.

We spent months coming up with the content and thought long and hard about WHAT we wanted to say and HOW we wanted to say it. The piece has 5 layered inserts on the left: The Company, The Realtors, The Marketing, The Website, The Results. We felt like those 5 inserts represented everything from the history of Roberts Brothers to the recent, impressive web stats. Gwins Printing did an amazing job and they were such a joy to work with.

The two inserts on the right include a sheet for buyers and sellers.

We made sure to leave space for the agents—it was important that they could personalize it and make it their own. See Katie Crane's bio below that will fit perfectly as the top insert on the right side.

This hand-painted watercolor (by the very talented Artist/Realtor Lynne Weeks) was printed on the folder's inside flap and illustrates Roberts Brothers five locations beautifully...

We wanted to show and not just tell so we used many graphics and visuals throughout the inserts. Here's a quick glimpse of several of the inserts (to see all inserts, view the digital FlipBook)

This group photo was taken specifically for this marketing piece—and Thigpen photography did a wonderful job making our conceptual idea come to life.

And my favorite part of the brochure is this digital, interactive FlipBook. It's great for presentations or emails and all things web-related. It'll be featured on the RBI website soon, but for now, you can view it here.

And in case that wasn't enough...we designed a PowerPoint version of the brochure so that the agents can customize it themselves and use it during presentations. So watch out, the RBI Realtors are gettin pretty techy these days!
Sorry for such a long post, but this project deserved it's own posting. It's been my baby for the past few months, but NOTHING compares to my favorite baby. We played dress-up the other day and I couldn't stop laughing when we tried on her pink tutu (given to Calder by close family friend Patsi Walker)! She didn't know what to think about it.

Priss-pot or tomboy, who knows?

Happy 4th everyone!


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