Monday, April 8, 2013

Wise Words by Peter Marshall

This may not be a "pinterest" design, but it is a quote by own kin, which makes me extremely proud :)

Every day I recieve a devotional from sweet Miss Janey, my college pledge sister's mother. She writes about whatever is on her mind, and many times I feel like she's speaking directly to me (or the Lord is speaking through her), and it's just what I need to hear. Well, today, her devotional consisted of this prayer by Peter Marshall.

I rarely mention this, but our family (The LeSourd's) and the Marshall's have been joined together through marriage (is that even how you descibe that??) by my grandfather (Leonard LeSourd, Author and Guidepost's editor for 25 years) and the New York Times Best-selling author, Catherine Marshall. I often forget that we are not related by blood since we've always been so, so close.  To me, they have always my "grandmother" and "aunt and uncle" and "cousins". I NEVER put the word "step" in there. See this post for more background...but every time I read Peter Marshall or Catherine Marshall's words, I feel a HUGE sense of honor to be part of the family. 

And a needed sidenote: My grandfather was so, SO special. Kind of like "my dad kind-of-special." You know exactly what I mean if you know my Dad. But my Grandfather had a heart of gold, and most importantly, a heart for the Lord.

Click here to read my step-grandmother's amazing story, and how she married my precious grandfather, Leonard LeSourd.

And while researching this online, so I could share some relevant, interesting links with y'all, I came accross this gem. Click here to read this article. That's my grandfather to the very left. And that's my dad to the left in the picture to the right. I think I look so much like him here!

It's so fun to see and read things about your family, that you never knew...



  1. Hadley, love love LOVE this post! I love your family's heritage - what a legacy to share! This prayer is one of my favorite's of Peter Marshall's, and I love the picture at the bottom. You DO look so much like your dad in it! :) Love you - D

  2. Hadley, good research, girl! New to me! Love you; Poppy would be so proud of you and Jake!! He saw your talent and flair at an early age and was always encouraging you.

  3. Thanks for sweet comment D! Love you!! And Mom, I can't believe we've never seen this article until now. I loved their candid comments and always so special to remember our family heritage!

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