Friday, April 26, 2013

The art of cross stitching

Cross stitch is a true art form. It takes so much patience and creativity, not to mention time! My mom is so very talented, and for as long as I can remember, she has loved cross stitching. I think it's therapeutic for her—she loves to cuddle up with her colorful threads and stitch away. But what makes her designs so special is that it is all freehand, and not done with a pattern. If you've ever tried cross stitch or needlepoint, you know how hard that is!

I guess it runs in the family, because her mother did some beautiful cross stitch and needlepoint work. See the wedding sampler/birth announcement my grandmother did below. I don't think I've inherited this gene. I'm not patient enough for this, nor do I have the time, but I hope later in life I can at least try :)

And here's the amazing wedding sampler my mom did for us. I adore this so, so much, and it will always hang in our living room, and remind us of that special day. Every little detail reflects our wedding...down to the flowers, the church and the exact bench where Bruner proposed to me.

Mom recently designed this beautiful sample for Calder. I can't even describe how much I love this. It is absolutely beautiful, and something Calder will cherish forever, as well as her parents.
 I could stare at it forever.

Mom, you are so talented and I can't thank you enough for these treasures. You inspire me everyday, and I hope I am half the artist and mother you are!


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