Monday, April 22, 2013

Going home

Yes, I know now that I have a family of my own and am almost 30 (sigh), my "home" is in Mobile, but Chattanooga will always be my real "home." Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Mobile and have some of the best friends here I could have ever dreamed of, BUT, there's something about going home that makes you miss where you came from. It's where your roots are, where everyone knows you and who your folks are. It's like going back in time — to where all your childhood memories were made. And let's be honest, I may be near the beach in Mobile, but I miss the mountains! I guess you always love what you're use to :)

Bottom line is — I don't go home often enough.

When Calder's with her Grandaddy, she forgets about everyone else.  I was a huge daddy's girl, so it warms my heart to see this. Of course, she loves SuSu too, but right now Grandaddy is "it"!

Calder with her Godfather, Uncle Jake.

The weather was perfect for a downtown river walk.
 I love this place. I use to sprint up this zig-zag trail all the time, whew...those were the days:)
Mom will probably kill me for posting this photo, but I thought it was so sweet. I think they were very concerned about the wind in her face. Gosh, I love my parents. Calder-bear is so very blessed to have them.

The girl loves to wave ... to EVERYONE.

It really was the perfect weekend. We cooked out both nights, had several dance parties (Calder's dance moves are hilarious!), slept in past 7 am (which is a BIG deal), and laughed a lot!

Such a sweet, sweet time. Too short of course, but couldn't have been better medicine for the soul.



  1. so precious!!!! and calders outfits are to die for. stripes + watermelons???? seriously.


    1. Thanks Nat! And it must be noted that both of those were hand-me-downs from my precious niece, Amelia! So sweet of her mama to pass these down to Calder:)

  2. Great pics, Hads. Even better time! xoxo Mom


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