Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Art of Hanging Art

Hanging art is definitely an art in and of itself! I tried to do my own little wall of art this weekend and included some of my favorite family pictures, watercolors and drawings.
It was hard narrowing down which prints and photos to include, but I tried to use the ones that make me happiest. I know I'll add to this wall and edit the pictures over time...
Here are some rooms that inspired me...
{all images via pinterest}

And because I can't blog without including a new picture of Calder—here are a few recent pics. I CANNOT believe she's going to be 8 months tomorrow!!

our little heart.



  1. You aren't kidding! I have been trying to get together a collage of Marsh pictures for forever now and can't get it together. I like seeing that you didn't have to use matching frames. Looks great Hadley!

  2. Thanks Amanda. You're sweet. And I know! I just played catch up and ordered over 300 photos of her throughout the past 6 months. Crazy I know but it's hard to not want to capture it all! :)


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