Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend in Maine

Happy Monday everyone! We went to Kennebunkport, Maine for my cousin's wedding last weekend and it was  B E A U T I F U L.

I'm busy catching up with work today but had to share some of the photos from the weekend.

The Colony hotel was amazing.


My aunt Beverly is so creative (click here to see her fabulous antique shop) and her little touches were everywhere this weekend...
The Rehearsal dinner was a casual lobster bake. yummmm
And we couldn't be in town and not visit my Aunt's shop, Antiques on Nine. See this post for more photos and info on her shop. It's definitely worth a trip!

I loved this little bench.

I bought one of these bowls and carried it all the way home with me on the plane. That is love.
Half of the gang in front of Aunt Bev's shop :)

We spent the rest of the day at the Colony pool—which was not too shabby!:)

Dad and I went on a walk before the wedding and I took these pics. The Maine coast really is so beautiful.

The Bush Family plantation is only a mile away, and this is the church they attend. Just a random tidbit of info in case you're interested:)

I can't believe I don't have a picture with the bride and groom. Caitlyn and Ben are such an adorable couple and we loved celebrating with them!

love my cousins!

Bruner sent me this picture of Calder and I was dying to get back to them!! And in case you're wondering, I had some free time in the airport (3+ hour layover) so I became a little obsessive over my new camera app (Camera+). Hense the photo effects in this post!
Such a quick trip but so glad I went and loved spending time with family. And no matter how amazing the trip was, the best part was coming home and being greeted at the airport by my little Calder-bear!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week and it feels like fall today in Mobile! Definitely going to get outside and enjoy it!


  1. The photos are so beautiful...they actually ALMOST do Kennebunkport justice!! Loved spending time with you Hads!!

  2. Loved spending time with you too D! And I have you to thank for my most recent app obsession! :)


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