Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Calder at 8 Months

Today is Calder's 8 month birthday. I'm a bit nostalgic so bear with me.

Our sweet Calder...

These past 8 months have been the most amazing months of our lives. You continue to fill us with more joy than we ever imagined. It's impossible for me to sum up our love for you in a post —words will fail me every time. BUT, I thought for your 8 month birthday I'd write about your favorite 8 things at this age! It's been so fun to document your precious life and reflect back on all the photos and stages.

So, here goes!

1) You looooove to EAT. Eating has never been an issue in this household :) You love fruits, especially anything sweet, but you'll tolerate it all. You hated peas in the beginning and would gag and shudder, but you're now finishing them and wanting more!

2) You love the water! Bath time is definitely one of your favorite times of the day!

3) You love to be outside and play with Bea. Every time we sit on the porch and throw ball with Bea, you squeal and giggle.
You love to watch her through the screen porch door and you talk to her all the time! Bea's still a puppy and a little too hyper to let loose with you, but you can't get enough of her! Y'all are gonna be the best of friends some day soon.
Swinging outside is so fun!

4) You love your family! You've been blessed with wonderful grandparents, a great-grandmother, aunt and uncles and cousins that love you very much!

And every time Daddy walks in the door from work, you LIGHT up. No one else gets that smile! It is precious!!!

5) You love to shop for groceries! You love to look around at all the food and people and just giggle. No matter how tired you are, you perk up on our outings!
6) You love to cuddle and be held...and we love this too!

7) You love playing with your toys, especially your dolls. Every time you see them you get such a big grin on your face!

8) And finally, you love to sleep and we are soo thankful for that. Calder, you were born a sleeper and slept through the night at 4-5 weeks and never missed a beat since then.

We ADORE you to pieces and you have made these past 8 months the best months of our lives, without a doubt. You are an angel baby and we keep laughing asking where did you come from? Surely not from us?? 

We love you and thank God for you every day.



  1. hadley! i LOVE this! i'm going to have to copy you one day when field gets big enough to have a list =)

  2. Awww please do. Lovin your blog Ellie and Field is PRECIOUS!!!

  3. she looks so spunky in that first picture!!!! :)


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