Thursday, August 23, 2012

John 15


I like to think I'm in control.

Most of us struggle with this, right? Or maybe I struggle with this more than others. I mean, I know I need to give everything to God, but do I really do that? When something bad happens, do I go to God or do I reach for my phone to call my husband or my mom. I'll admit it, I typically grab my phone.

I just got home from our Bible Study and we're studying the book of John. I was so tempted to miss it today because of my busy workload and how I can barely form complete thoughts at the moment, and because I needed to run some errands before I picked Calder up from Mother's Day Out, etc. etc.—you know, the typical things that seem more important! But then I thought...Hadley, just GO. It's ONE hour. You need this more than anything. Those things can wait. 

So I turned the car towards Maribeth's and I'm so glad I did. Today we went over John 13-15 and God was definitely speaking to me the entire time, especially in Chapter 15. It's SO easy for me to loose perspective and begin to take on life by myself; and as a result, I begin to live in this illusion that I'm in control. I forget that God is the vine and we are the branches. Apart from Him, I can do NOTHING. 

I could go on and on because I think it's a struggle for all of us. We all wanna be the BEST mom, wife, friend, daughter, (fill in the ___); meanwhile, maintaining the BEST job, cleanest house, best homemade dinners,  (fill in the ___). And then we realize we can't do it by ourselves. We need GOD.

It was the best hour I could have spent and that to-do list can wait.
I arrived stressed and left refreshed and at peace. 



  1. I needed to hear this. Thanks. So glad you went:)!

  2. I wish I could have been there!

  3. I love this. thanks for the reminder today!

  4. Way to go, Hadley!! I love you for being so open and honest!! We all need this reminder - we are NOT in matter how hard we try! We struggle more. If we relinquish all control to our Father, He knows what is best for us, and we are usually surprised at the goodness He has in store for us. Love and miss you sweet sister!

  5. You're so right D. No matter what, we will always continue struggle with these things. We're constantly imperfect and being worked on by His perfect hands. Can't wait to see pics from your trip to San Fran. Love you!

  6. Aye. For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God (or) Be still and know that I am the Lord. It is so easy these days to lose sight of the things that are truly important. We spend so much time chasing the wind. At the end of our days we wont look back and regret the business deal, the football game or the project at work that was left undone - but in the furious pace we set for ourselves it is easy to become overwhelmed, lost and, as my mom would say "ferhoodled". John said that if we love one would be enough.

  7. I couldn't have said it better Shawn So, so true.


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