Monday, March 7, 2011

my home office

My home office is finally finished! We decided the best place for it would be this corner off of our kitchen. I worked with Robert Shotlander to custom-build the desk, and he was wonderful and I couldn't be happier with my little space! For years, my desk has been our dining room table, so this is a huge step for me! :)

Crown molding and cabinet doors coming soon...
Look at me...such a dork!! You can tell I was dying for everything to be finished so I could settle into my little space!  Robert even custom-built this drawer to fit my printer. I now have a little handle and the drawer slides out perfectly! I was so happy with the crown molding wrap around he did!
Here's the finished product minus my new chair coming soon. Can't believe it won't be delivered until April, but I hope it'll be worth the wait! I'll post a new picture once the chair comes in, but for now, here's the chair I ordered from Ballard Designs, in Arden Blue fabric. I felt like the space needed some color, and I love this simple pattern...

And finally, I love a good bargain so I had to share! Check out this beautiful orchid I recently found at Lowes. So far, it's been one of the best orchids I've purchased...and it was only $14.98!!

Happy Monday and Happy Mardi Gras everyone!


  1. love it!!! what a perfect space for what you do! also.... house is SO beautiful!! i'm coming home maybe thursday night and will be there through the weekend, lets please get together!

  2. thanks caroline! i'd LOVE to see you so please call me when you're in town!! xoxo

  3. Love your new office space! I am so jealous of that sliding drawer for your printer to be tucked away out of site, that is such a huge eye sore in my home office!

  4. I love the custom-built desk that Robert made! I think it would be great if I had that same desk in my home office as well. I wouldn’t need to worry where I should place my printer and scanner. Having a drawer under the table is a wonderful idea. That’s really the perfect place for my printer.

    Laurinda Hixson


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