Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Verellen Event

I have a lot of catching up to do. Things have been pretty crazy around here and the blog is the first thing to go when my to-do list is full!

A few weeks ago I attended the Verellen Event at Atchison Home. It was so fun to meet the design genius Tom Verellen and it was fascinating to hear him speak about their design process. Verellen furniture is beautifully designed, aesthetically enduring, and carefully crafted. Verellen is the embodiment of a simple idea we call “Timeless. Organic. Modern.” And their moto is "You deserve the best." Sounds good to me!


Thanks to the Atchison Team for hosting this great event! Their new site launched TODAY so please check it out!!

And didn't the Atchison Home sign turn out well? Click here for previous post.  It's always fun to see your own designs come to life...

And now to the real important stuff! Calder turned one last Saturday and we hosted a little party for our birthday girl! Pics coming soon so stay tuned :) I can't believe my baby girl is already ONE!!!



  1. Can't wait for party pics!! Miss you!!

  2. Great post, Hadley! My post mentions Verellen as well for tomorrow! Go figure! Sure wish we could carry their line in Birmingham! But we can't…they are right around the corner! I love their furniture though! Hope you are doing well!


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