Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fun to be ONE!

I can't believe it's been a year since our Calder-bear was born! January 5, 2012 was the most magical day. The Lord has blessed us with such a precious, wonderful child. Like everyone told me, motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever do. No words could be any truer.

Well, one things for sure, it sure is FUN to be ONE!!

At first, we weren't going to have a "birthday party" — the mere thought overwhelmed me! Just family and cake and laid-backness, she'll never remember this anyway, I thought.

Then mid-December came and I changed my mind. I starting thinking, Well... she only turns ONE once and we both miss our friends so we're going to have a little party! Of course, I can't do anything half way (which isn't always a good thing I promise!) so it turned into a bigger party. But, we really did have a blast and at the end of the day, I'm so glad we did it.

BUT, our next child might will have that "laid back, just-family and cake" 1st birthday!  Oh well, like I said, he or she will never remember it so by gosh, take pics!

Thankful for wonderful friends!

look at all of her adorable friends!

Time for  CAKE!

"We promise cake is yummy!"... she's not buying it!

Hope y'all had a ball!!

So HAPPY, HAPPY 1st Birthday Calder-bear!! Who knew you could bring so much JOY to our lives? No words can express how much we love you. We thank God every day for your precious life and are beyond blessed to be your parents!

 Whew! It sure is FUN to be ONE ... now off to bed!

Photography by the talented Amanda Roberds!



  1. So cute! You did an amazing job, and it looks like all the little ones had a blast! Adorable!

  2. Ashley, I kept thinking about you and how you set up things like this all the time! It is work...but fun work for sure!!:)

  3. Had absolutely precious! You are so incredibly talented- everything looked amazing and we had a ball! Well never forget Calder gagging at the cake ;)

  4. Cutest 1st bday party EVER! :) so sad lelia pie missed it!

  5. love loved it hadley! that picture of sam and jacob is hilarious :) no worries - jacob is way too comfortable with the abuse thanks to bennett and emory! you were the cutest calder bear!

  6. Thanks Lou! Yes, that was hilarious!! I mean, who doesn't like Flour Girls cake?? So glad Amanda captured her gagging facial expression!

    Sarah, we missed Lelia a lot too but so glad you and Uncle Bob could make it. Such sweet friends you are!

    And Natalie, isn't that picture the funniest picture ever!! Y'all HAVE to print that one!

  7. what a preciously perfect st birthday party for a cute little girl! happy birthday calder!


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