Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calder's First Christmas!

There is nothing like Christmas time—absolutely nothing! Everything about this time of year makes me so happy—and celebrating Calder's 1st Christmas was definitely not overrated!

Calder's big present from both sets of grandparents was her new swingset. Daddy put a lot of time and sweat into building it, and it was all worth it for sure. She LOVES it!!

Both of our families were in Mobile for Christmas and what a FUN time we had! My mother-in-law hosted everyone for a beautiful and delicious Christmas Eve dinner and we had everyone to our house for Christmas Day!

All dressed up after Christmas Eve service
Calder entertaining everyone with her funny noises!
Grandaddy is so silly!
Christmas morning was so fun!!!

Of course, I had to put some pink tennis balls in her stocking so she can someday follow in her mama's footsteps:) She does seem to love it already..hahaha

Riding around in her new Barbie car...

Enjoying all her new toys! This little girl sure racked up!

Uncle Jake and Aunt D are so fun! They gave Calder another "sporty" gift!

lots of cousin love

Getting some sugar from GiGi and JoJo...
And I'm ending with this pic because it might be my all-time-favorite.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and please keep those affected by the tornado in your prayers! What a horrible storm it was, and so thankful no one was seriously hurt.


  1. Love this post! And thanks for all the hosting!!!

  2. what a fun Christmas! Calder looks like she was in heaven!


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