Tuesday, December 4, 2012

watercolor love

I was at my neighbors house this weekend and noticed a beautiful watercolor portrait she had hanging on the wall of her two boys. I immediately asked who the artist was, and that's when I discovered the talented Susan Woodard. Isn't her work just beautiful? I love her subtle use of color and faceless portrait sytle.

I really want to hire her to do one of Calder—and then one day, have her do one of all the kiddos. I would hire her to do 100 for me if I could! 
She was formerly an adjunct professor at Ole Miss in 2004. I can't believe I missed her since I graduated in 2006!

I think her pricing is extremely reasonable, and seriously, can you think of a better gift to give someone?
I'm making a mental note about the watercolors above. Wouldn't that be the MOST special gift to give the grandparents one day—a watercolor of all the grandkids?

She even does weddings and animals. Again, GREAT gift ideas...
And finally, we've always said we wanted to get a drawing or watercolor done of every house we have lived in. These sure are making me tempted...

Check out her website. I just had to share this gem today!

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  1. Trust your instincts and run screaming to get her to do one of Calder! When I say that my oil painting of my first child which I've shown in numerous blog posts on both blogs…not meaning too, mind you..they are just a staple in my decorating! It was only $90.00! The framing cost more than the portrait! But she was a friend and a neighbor! I remember full well my mother in law thinking I'd lost my mind until she saw it! Once my daughter came along it was $500.00 but still! It was an oil painting… I don't remember how much Miller's was but I know it was not more than about $800.00! Go figure! Trust me….get this watercolor of Calder! You will treasure it! Hey, what if I just became your mom figure in blogging! LOL! (that makes me feel ancient!) but that's ok!


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