Friday, May 25, 2012

happy memorial day weekend!

It seems like every time my parents come to town we get things done in the yard. My dad is always up for a project, and my mom just wants to play with Calder, so we finally have time to work outside. Last time Dad was in town, he and my husband planted new sod. Wow. What a difference it made.
This past weekend we planted flowers along in the front. It really needed some lovin' and was looking pretty sad. We just planted simple white annuals and it's nothing fancy, but it's amazing how much happier coming home makes me.
I also planted some colorful flowers in the back yard. I love looking through the kitchen window and seeing bright colors. Cleaning the dishes isn't as bad with a pretty view.
Happy Memorial weekend everyone! We plan on doing a whole lot of nothing and sitting by the pool and relaxing. I can't wait to play with Calder in the water. I just bought some fun floaties so we'll see how she likes it!

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