Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

I haven't done my "Wednesday Words of Wisdom" posts in forever — but that's about to change since I'm getting back in the swing of things with this baby-brain. I saw this quote on pinterest and just loved it. It actually made me think twice, and instead of quickly repinning it and moving onto the next thing, I sat there and thought myself wow, that is so true. I should DO all of the things on "bucket list". We live life thinking we have all this time to go do the things we really want to do, but who knows what tomorrow brings?
Now I just need to sit down and make my bucket list. And then, of course, I want to start checking those things off. What's on your list? Please share. I'd love to know!


  1. Love this quote! To share one item, I want to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon! I want to run along with all the other princesses in their tutu's and then receive my medal! Erica

  2. DO IT! Knowing you, you will make this happen! So proud of you and your recent success!!


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