Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday on the Wharf

We had such a fun Sunday at the Taul's wharf on Dog River. The weather was perfect — not a cloud in the sky and a cool, breezy day (80 degrees or so, which is cold in Mobile). NOTHING beats a beautiful Sunday afternoon, yummy crawfish, cold beer, sweet babies and good, good friends.

We finally got to sport our cute lilly dress (courtesy of her Aunt Anna).
We love Aunt Ashley!
 Nonie's daughter, Lillibet, is 6 weeks younger than Calder. They are gonna be the best of friends (whether they want to or not!:)
They were playing footsie. SO cute!
The beautiful Taul girls
Love my sweet friends...

Thanks Nonie and Ben for always planning fun get-togethers and parties! Without your invite, I would have been running errands and cleaning the house yesterday, and Bruner would have worked in the yard...which is NOT as fun!!

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