Monday, April 23, 2012


When I was Chattanooga, I stopped by HomeGoods and couldn't believe what I found! I just had to share this. We don't have one in Mobile, but I'll definitely make another visit next time I see a HomeGoods near me!
 Cute little bench. I would probably paint the legs on this white, but you can't beat the price!
I bought this white sunburst mirror. Still not sure where it's gonna go but I definitely find a home for it!
I also bought this clock. It's so good looking and I could use it as a frame if I wanted to in the future. Wouldn't a big black and white picture of Calder be cute in it too? But for now, we need a clock in a kitchen so I'm leaving it as is...
I left with a full cart, but since the prices were so low, I don't feel guilty at all.
 Yes, it is Monday but it's OK! Hope yours is wonderful.


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  1. I want to visit this store!!! I have seen some great youtube videos on makeovers and everything was from this store! Love it! Erica


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