Friday, March 9, 2012

spring fever

It's been a while since I've posted anything home or design-related — let's just say I've been in babyland. BUT, that doesn't mean the design wheels haven't been turning constantly in my head! I stumbled upon this beautiful beach house, designed by Munger Interiors, and wanted to PIN every picture immediately onto my pinterest board.

Such a cute guest room...and who would have thought three twin beds would fit in that small space?

It's rainy again here in Mobile, and we could definitely use a weekend away at the beach. This home is completely lovely and fresh looking...just in time for some spring inspiration!


  1. Love this! I love the bunk beds and I would have never thought of the three beds in that space but it really works! Erica

  2. This house is gorgeous and so is your nursery! Where did you find the white shelves above your changer? I'm having a hard time finding basic white shelves. Thanks!


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