Thursday, March 29, 2012

the perfect gray

I could (and do) pour over paint colors for hours. I'm thinking about painting our armoire (no walls for me this time!), and it's hard to decide on which color. I love the color gray, but there are so many shades and colors to choose from. See one of my many notebooks above. Such a dork I know, but I've been collecting paint color samples for years and always searching for that perfect shade or hue...

So, I found a wonderful post on one of my favorite blogs, a perfect gray, that was very helpful. I wanted to share her favorite grays with you...
 Gray Owl is one of my very favorites!

Gotta get back to work, but l would love to hear from you. What are your favorite gray paint colors? Please do share.


  1. Our playroom is Gettysgurg Gray, B. Moore and I love it. Esp. since bookshelves and trim and walls are all the same. Good look!

  2. That would be GettysBurg Gray.. one of my favorite designers, Mary Evelyn McKee did her living room in it.

  3. Silver song and vapor trails! The only grays that don't turn terrible colors in my house :)

  4. Just did my family room and entryway in Owl Gray. Definitely a hint of green in it in the sunlight. I still love it though!

  5. so glad you posted about grays! we are looking for one to paint our nursery. want it to be gray with a hint of blue maybe. i wrote some of these down :)

  6. hadley, thanks so much for the shout-out! hope these help out - I'm STILL experimenting with grays! donna


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