Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Herb Day 2011

Last Saturday morning I went to "Herb Day" at the Mobile Botanical Gardens with my mother-in-law. We learned a lot about local herbs and got try some new recipes. I've posted before about our little herb garden, see here and here — and I'm always up for learning new things since I'm definitely not a pro!

The event had a great turnout and was sponsored by The Fresh Market, Regions, Bruno's, The Delicious Dietitian, Lowes, Winn Dixie and Panera.
The Gulf Coast Herb Society was in charge of the event and they made brown box lunches for everyone. Inside was a delicious Chicken Salad wrap, made with fresh herbs of course.
Both of these delicious dishes were made by Vikki Finch. She spoke about cooking with native herbs, and her husband Bill Finch also spoke about native herbs of North America. Both Vikki and Bill are regular contributors to the Press Register and very active with the Gulf Coast Herb Society.

After our productive Saturday morning, I went home to watch Ole Miss play Georgia...And even Bea was bored with the Rebs! :)



  1. Loved this post.cool event! Ahhhhh,Bea....

  2. I wanna watch the rebs with you, Bea, and baby in the tummy! love this post hadlina.


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