Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Branding Boards

Here are some recent branding boards I've designed.

I haven't blogged about many of these because I've been so busy working on new projects. Every time I think about blogging, another deadline gets priority. Needless to say, all of these clients are very special to me and deserve their own post(s)...hopefully some day soon I will have time to share the stories, tears and sweat that went into each project. BUT, these days I'm lucky to post one work-related project per month—so here goes....

More coming soon. I saved some favorites for the next round so stay tuned...



  1. Busy girl!!! All look awesome!

    1. My New Years resolution is have an hour of your creative mind! And FYI, our friend? Meg Thompson Margjeka owns ETC in Mountain Brooke, ( her mom and I have been friends for 30+ yrs) and carries Liz Legg Designs!! Just sent her a msg to send me a couple of pair to try!!such a small precious world of friends we share!

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