Friday, August 30, 2013

My Website: Programming Patience

Lots of back and forth with my programmers around here. We're finalizing my new website—and crossing my fingers we will launch very soon, hopefully 2-3 weeks max.

So much hard work, sweat and tears have gone into this site. I honestly don't think I've ever worked so hard on any design project in my entire life. This site redesign started Spring 2013, so considering it's now FALL 2013, I am ready to have this baby behind me and in front of you!

Happy Labor Day weekend!



  1. Looking forward to the launch of the new website, Hadley! The sneak peek excites me to see it live. Don't worry about the timeline though. It's better to do it slow and steady than have to deal with bugs later on. :) -Dolores @ Federal Internet Marketing

  2. It's good to hear that you were very hands-on with the redesigning of your website. It's important to closely collaborate with the people working on the website so you can have a clear and definite approach to the design process. Can't wait to see your website!

    -Wava Huls @ HFIWebDesign

  3. I understand the use of the word ‘patience’ here. Cliché as it is, your website is considered as an extension of yourself. And if the process frustrates you, it is because you only want the representation you think you deserve. We’ve all gone through this, Hadley. :) Kelly@Online Marketing Giant

  4. Aww, think of it as a labor of love! The best things weren't made overnight, after all! I'm sure that all the time, patience, effort and care you put into the website will have defintely paid off once the site has been launched!

    Jessica James @ Priority Media Solutions

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