Sunday, July 14, 2013


I'm obsessed with these new photos on my fridge. We were at our neighbors house recently, and I spotted these tiles/photo magnets on her fridge. My neighbor, Leslie, is SO creative —separate post about her house coming soon! She's an art teacher and full of amazing ideas. Well, after 4+ days straight of rain on July 4th weekend, we started to get crafty. I completely copied her and got a bit carried away...

These are all of the ones I had left over, but I will find a home for them soon...

Here's how easy it was...
1. 4"x4" white tiles (I bought mine at Lowes but I'm sure you can buy these anywhere. They were only $0.16/each)
2. Take your camera to Walgreens. They print directly from your instagram photos.
3. Mod-podge the photos onto the tile
4. Use thick double-sided tape and put wherever your little heart desires.

I'm telling you I got a little carried away, but I love standing in the kitchen and showing calder all of her aunts and cousins and friends. That never gets old. We love looking at these fun memories and snapshots of good times we've had. Well you should definitely try this. You'll might love it so much you almost fill your entire room with these tiles! I almost did I swear.



  1. Ok, I'm blown away!!!! How COOL! We will be talking!!

  2. And I want that one of her in pink swimsuit with her walking to ocean!! Please??:):)


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