Friday, March 15, 2013

Lap's Grocery & Grill

You've probably seen it, growing like a weed on the banks of the Causeway, right next to the state boat ramp. It's called Lap's and it will soon join the ranks of top notch restaurants on the growing seafood strip. (read entire news article here)

I always try to be a big supporter of new restaurants (Mobile could use dozens more). I hate to say it, but after living in Birmingham for a few years before moving to Mobile, I was spoiled with all of the great restaurants and shops. So believe me, every time a new place opens in Mobile, we try our best to support it. 

Needless to say, everyone around here is getting excited about Lap's Grocery & Grill, opening Fall 2013. This four-in-one venue on the causeway will have a fresh seafood market, grocery & meat market, bar & grill and bait shop. And as you can imagine, they have a great need for design and creative work. Check out these amazing drawings by architect, Kim Kearley.

These images were from August 2012. So it has been a long time in the making!

I've been working with Bessie Lapeyrouse (Lap's Marketing Director) for a few months now and we've come up with several of these designs. We're in the process of working on new creatives, but I wanted to share these with you and help get the word out about Lap's.


These t-shirts come in different colors and will be sold at Lap's.

More designs coming soon. Visit their Facebook page for more updates!

Will Denniston did the original Lap's illustration above. Will is so talented — what an amazing drawing to work with!



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  2. Love your work, Hads. Sure makes me want to check it out!

  3. Hadley - I didnt know you were doing Laps stuff - should have known!!! My dad will be running into you a quite bit, I bet! LOVES!


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