Monday, June 11, 2012

Calder's First Beach Trip

We had SO much fun at the beach. 7 full days of sun (and clouds) + sand = absolute bliss. The biggest decisions we had to make were where to eat dinner, whether we should go to the pool or the beach, or if Calder needed another round of sunscreen. It doesn't get any better...
my bathing beauty...
Jordan, one of my very best friends from college, just happened to be staying ONE mile away with her 5 month old, John Taylor. What PERFECT timing!!! And pretty funny how both babies are obsessed with their WubbaNubs. (we do NOT leave home without Calder's giraffe. Yes, it is ugly, but it does the trick.)
 They were so adorable together, and I think Calder had a little crush.

We celebrated a 5 month birthday by eating our toes! Our favorite thing to do as of late.

Calder loves Grandaddy. They have such a sweet relationship.

Bruner joined us Wednesday through Saturday. So fun to have him with us...

This child doesn't get ANY attention...

What a blast. Thanks SuSu and Grandaddy for such a wonderful trip! I'm busy today catching up with work, but looking through these pics helps me escape reality for a little while longer :)



  1. LOVE her outfits! Little C is such a fashionista!!

  2. So fun! She is just so stinking cute :)

  3. Y'all are sweet. It was such a relaxing week!

  4. What fun pictures! Calder outdid herself!

  5. Great beach pics Hadley,such a precious family!

  6. so much fun! love her little swimsuits!


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