Friday, August 5, 2011

Fresh from Nantucket

Since I still have Nantucket on my mind, I wanted to show you these fabulous waterside cottages in Nantucket. This picture-perfect home is by architects Brooks & Falatico with interior design by Lynn Morgan Design.

And this gorgeous Nantucket home was ALSO designed by Brooks & Falotico and Lynn Morgan Design, and was featured in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. The wife's favorite color is turquoise, so the color was used liberally throughout the home.

And the Egyptian hand-blown glass chandelier below is similar to the one in Sarah Jessica Parker's Hamptons home. What a stunner!

Hope you enjoy this colorful eye-candy. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Nice place! I like the deck bed and the chandelier near the table. I enjoyed browsing this pictures. :D


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