Monday, November 19, 2012

Do more of what makes you happy

Ok. I just fell in love with this room. It doesn't hurt that I adore ping-pong and I'm pretty good at it if I say so myself. :) You see, ping-pong actually runs in the family. My mom designed a "ping-pong room" in our house and recently changed it to a kids playroom. Mom put lots of antique racquets on the wall (how I wish I had a picture now!), but I do love the way Urban Grace put these monochromatic ping pong paddles on the wall. See what Urban Grace had to say about it...

The second level of the Ultimate Beach House has two large areas for more entertaining… a Game Room and a Theater.  The Game Room (seen below) was deep enough for a large seating area and a ping pong table.  We tucked Lee Industries drum stools beneath the ping pong table so the table could be used for other games, or even as a secondary dining area for kids.

 The ping pong table was a custom design I whipped up in a total state of madness at the last minute, and I think it turned out alright, all things considered.  The seating area at the end of the Game Room has two large Lee Industries slipcovered sofas, a leather ottoman, and a wall of watercolor prints that surround the television.  The paintings on the left are by Michelle Armas, who I had the pleasure of meeting in person when Leigh Ann and I were in Atlanta a few months ago.

It’s hard to mix art in a large open space, but after finalizing the exact location of the ping pong table I had this idea to hang wooden handled sandpaper paddles on the wall.  It was a graphic detail that didn’t introduce any more color, but just made sense and added interest.  I drilled the holes in the paddles myself, thanks to Billy the trim carpenter for letting me borrow his drill, and lined them up easily thanks to the walls being paneled horizontally.  I painted the ping pong table in Pratt & Lambert’s Seed Pearl & April Mist, and the bases are Golden Green.

Someday, I want to do this to our living room. How much fun would that be?


  1. I loved this post! What a great idea! Wonder if I could pull it off in our playroom? Thanks for sharing it!

  2. One day on your screened porch, Hadley???


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