Monday, January 24, 2011

Sarah Haas Otts Paintings


Visit Sarah's newly renovated Studio in Midtown:
2605 Old Shell Road, Mobile, AL


I am constantly inspired by Sarah Otts.  Not only is she one of my closest friends, but one of the most talented people I know! We both went to Ole Miss and spent a lot of time in the Art Department, working on projects and trying to make deadlines. She was painting and I was in the graphic design lab, but I can remember us sharing our love for art and design back then. 

I never would have thought that five years later, we'd both live in Mobile, pursuing the same passion we were back then, but now on a professional level. Sarah exudes talent, and her work just keeps getting better and better! I have a Sarah Hass Otts painting in our living room, and it makes ALL the difference in the world and ties the entire space together!

Check out her website to view all of her work.



  1. love her work so much! can't wait to get one myself.

  2. i want one so bad! i fear i cannot afford....but its def worth some savings!


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